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SouthBound Times July-August 2012 (Lady Jynnelle) by BlackSandrock10
SouthBound Times July-August 2012 (Lady Jynnelle)

A month late but I'm making up for it! Once again, a :iconcylnx: influence but this one is a two part edition of the 'SouthBound Times' for both July and August! Lady Jynnelle is first but who could be the second? Watch this space!

This is a very interesting one for those who follow the Corporate Lady!

To view the pictorials of 'On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle', click on the images respectively:

Lady Jynnelle and the Beach Ball (Cover Shot)

Lady Jynnelle and the Beach Ball by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.1) by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.2) by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.3) by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.4) by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.5) by BlackSandrock10

Enjoy, fellow watchers and other deviants! :thumbsup:

Howdy, everybody and I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer wherever you are. In this special ‘Summer Splash’ issue of the SouthBound Times, we finally get the chance to speak to the Corporate Lady, Lady Jynnelle. Known as ‘The Woman with Many Names and Weapons’, Lady Jynnelle came onto the scene a bounty hunter by assisting Doctor Krista Schwarz in her takeover attempts of the town!

She would eventually go on to create her group, Corporation Xleven which had some bumps along the way. However, Lady Jynnelle made a turnaround after spending some time in Japan and returning back to help out some enemies which would eventually lead to her ‘freedom fighter’ group, the Corporate Warriors.

We were offered the chance to follow Lady Jynnelle to her father’s homeland of Barbados as she allowed us to take some photographs of her on the sunny beaches of the island. After a good hour of shooting photographs, Lady Jynnelle took her time to have a chat with us.

ST: *looks at the sun and ocean line* Wonderful and awesome conditions to have this interview!

LJ: *laughs*

ST: Okay, Jynn….can I call you that!? Don’t wan’t to offend you?

LJ: That’s fine, darling!

ST: That’s super! Now, tell us about how you got into this bounty hunter gig?

LJ: It goes back to when I was young! I had no friends at all and most people poked fun at me for no reason at all! It was tough times for me.

ST: That’s shocking to be fair! You were bullied, that’s not right!

LJ: Yeah, you could say that but there was one person who stood for me and that was Jessica Layfield. From that point, we hanged out and became one of my best friends.

ST: Sweet!

LJ: We did everything together but it was when we did self-defence classes, everything changed! At the time, I met Katejina at the class who was a good friend up to this point. It was during the classes, my heritage crept up on me!”

ST: Your heritage….!?

LJ: The Demon Beast Energy!

ST: You actually inherited that?

LJ: Yes, I did from my mother’s side. She dabbled into some black magic and harnessed the energy within. It started to emerge when after one lesson when I had all the built-up rage from the past coming back into my head and giving me a dramatic change?

ST: Did you believe anyone noticed?

LJ: Yeah, Katejina was too sure of me as she noticed now big I got but Jessica sussed it out after what I did one student’s arm when I broke it! Though, I did not apologized, my head was not right at all until did battle with Jessica in the final lesson. I got what I deserved from Jessica but at that time, I was humiliated and stormed out! At that point, wings emerged from my upper back blades and flew off into the air!

ST: So you could say that this started your mean streak?

LJ: yes, it somewhat did to some extent. Though doing a good deed, I was shunned out by the people of SouthBound. This was lead to the calling of one Doctor Krista Schwarz. She offered a chance to me as I declined but when Jessica’s name was mentioned, revenge was the only thing on my mind!

ST: That was when your mean streak began?

LJ: You’re correct, mon! *laughs* It all started by kidnapping Jessica and the Satournes, holding Satourne Valley hostage, trying to take over SouthBound and falling out with Krista. However, Jessica and her man, Onett always got the upper hand on me. Jess especially, she beat me twice! During that time, I met Ashura who had a significant part in my life.

ST: Ashura? We’ll ask you more about him later on! You mentioned falling out with Krista briefly? That’s when Corporation Xleven started to emerge?

LJ: Yes! I managed regain Katejina’s trust as she was my second in command. Brought in new people in Malissa and Sophia along with some ‘old pals’ in Kazuki, the Takumi brothers, Raven and Jodie but despite using Jessica as a pawn in the mission, I came up short.

ST: *whistled* Nice to see you being noble about the losses, Jynn! Now, one name I have to bring up…Sheva Sutherland!

LJ: Oh, boy! Sheva……! That woman…..I have to admit, she creeps me out! She got one over on me when Corporation Xleven was nearly drifting and almost left me for dead. However, I got my retribution back on her when I used my wrestling manoeuvres on her! Eventually, we had to bury the hatchet when someone close to her was hurt!

ST: So, Jynn, what’s your take on your friendship with Sheva…if you call it that?

LJ: It’s out of mutual respect. You have two strong black females who are trying to their best in keep SouthBound safe and do whatever it takes to get the job done!

ST: Back to Corporation Xleven! From that point after your first encounter with Sheva, you faded away for a while until ‘a little piece of information’ came to your way which saw you reappear from the darkness.

LJ: Oh, that! *laughs* That would start off the Corporate Wars when I challenged the Great Fray Warriors to a series of fights.

ST: Leading up to that, there was a series of attacks on Teddy and Janette. I assume that you were behind those attacks!?

LJ: I’m going to make it clear now! I was not behind that! The reason why I am saying that because at that time, the likes of Victor Marylebone, Lady Bronwjin, Roxanne Zoenitz and Siobhan Mackenzie wanted to step the over the line! Katejina and the original lot warned me about them as I turned the other cheek. I did not expect the response Great Fray Warriors handed back to us!

ST: At least, you’re being honest. Now, it might be a touchy subject but some say that “The Corporate Wars” was a rouse to call a certain person out?

LJ: *sighs* I knew it was coming! I had a hidden agenda with one person especially when that ‘little piece of information’ pointed me to my father, who would go on raise one of the iconic modern day footballers.

ST: *laughs* I think that we know who that footballer is!

LJ: Teddy Johnston! He isn’t no fool, I can tell you! *laughs* Anyway, I called him out after doing battle with Xenia Moskvina and knowing his reputation for fighting back, I’d expected nonetheless from him! I lost the battle with a ‘life threatening stipulation!’

ST: What was that then?

LJ: Well, Teddy struck a power point in my body as the warning was if I did anything bad, I would cease to exist!

ST: So that would lead to your ‘death’ so to speak?

LJ: Yes! Being declared ‘dead’ by Teddy, I head off to the only place I know where I could get help….Japan as I knew that Ashura was there!

ST: Now, back to Ashura, he was one who changed your life around, right?

LJ: Yes, he did! I got a serious rollicking….whoops, cockney slang *laughs* from him and I had to prove myself that I was willing to change! At first, he noticed my inherited energy was holding me back but thanks to his incantations, he banished the evil that was within me which led to a rebirth of my powers.

ST: *looks at her* Looks like he did a good job!

LJ: *laughs* Yes, he did! From that point, I could control my powers. Besides that, I did a lot more athletics outdoors and began a love for professional wrestling.

ST: Looking at your body, I wouldn’t want to cross you in the squared circle!

LJ: *strikes a arms flex and laughs* I’m not that bad!

ST: *laughs* Let’s talk about pro-wrestling for a second. You mentioned briefly that you used moves on Sheva when you faced her the second time. What made you use professional wrestling as a fighting style?

LJ: I like to keep myself mysterious when it comes to fighting or brawling in any situation. When I was in Japan, I going into town when I stumbled across to the Yoshida dojo where Suzy and Fujiko trained many wrestlers including the Great Fray Warriors’ Saffron! I took the opportunity to be trained under their guidance! They were so impressed by my body shape and newfound passion for the sport!

ST: Great stuff!

LJ: Indeed. With months of training, Fujiko got me a spot in the New Japan Super Show! It was a dark match but the shock was my opponent as it was Shayna Lockhart.

ST: Shayna Lockhart….?

LJ: The multi-time Gals Fighters champion….Shayna Lockhart! Before the match, she said we’re talking after the match! I can tell you she is a different person inside the wrestling ring! So many holds and reversals being used but somehow and without the use of my powers, I scored the victory over Shayna!

ST: Nice one, Jynn! At least you can say that you defeated Shayna!

LJ: Call it an act of God! *laughs* Backstage, Suzy and Fujiko congratulated me on the victory but Shayna confronted me. We talked as I explained what her husband did for me! Shayna understood everything and eventually told her peers the good things about me after I returned to ‘the spotlight’.

ST: Great stuff on finding sport that you enjoy and get exercise out of! Now, let’s talk about Ashura. He looked after you when no one cared, got rid of the evil aura within yourself and urged you to look at life in a new perspective! Who do you see your relationship with him?

LJ: I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. When I look back to my time in the Kobayashi Shrine, I understood why he did all these things. Eventually, I could not hold back how I felt about him as I would admit my feelings to him as our relationship would become closer and serious.

ST: At least, that saying is true, ‘There’s plenty of fish in the sea!’ Good to hear that you settled down, Jynn!

LJ: It was plain sailing from there but unfortunately, it wouldn’t last.

ST: Really!?

LJ: *sighs* Yes, I would return back after Cheryl Mackenzie was running the good name of yours truly so after I shut up Cheryl permanently, I would reside in Japan for a few years. However, I would have to come to terms that Ashura was very ill and it affected his well being. Knowing at any time, he could pass away, he gave me some advice which was to live my life and make amends of those who I wronged. A day later, Ashura passed away in his sleep.

ST: Sorry to hear of Ashura passing….!

LJ: *wipes a tear from her eyes* It’s okay, every time I think of him, it reminds me how much I miss him!

ST: Take your time, Jynn. *gives her a tissue to wipe the tear away*

LJ: *uses the tissue to remove the tears* I’m okay now! Ashura would leave me his broadswords, Blue and Red Destiny as they would guide me into the right direction in my path!

ST: Well, Ashura looking down on you and hoping you will find happiness! Let’s move forward now. After your tenure in Japan, you made your return but it wasn’t SouthBound you returned back to…was it?

LJ: I went to Labyrinth Falls instead to help Brother-Man out! I knew that he wasn’t convinced seeing as my sister Sabrina battled him. During that time, I would do battle with my sister and beat her which shocked a lot of people within the town. After that short stint, I returned back to SouthBound where I made amends with Jessica, Kat (Katejina) and other people as well.

ST: Sounds like a rocky road you have been through but you have overcome all the bad things that have happened to you and I can say that is a great turnaround for yourself. Before we round up the interview, we know you made misery to the Satournes but one decided to stick by your side!

LJ: *Kitty appears on her shoulder* Yeah, Good ol’ Kitty! I’m surprised she is still here right now! She wasn’t afraid of me and liked me for who I was…so she says! I respect her and see her as a friend! *Kitty winks as Jynn laughs*

ST: Lastly, our readers would like to know what have you been doing with yourself?

LJ: To answer that, I have been working alongside Sheva and the Corporate Warriors keeping SouthBound safe. Besides that, I’m currently in the Gals Fighters promotion alongside Sheva, Shayna, and Rosa. Also, I am seeing someone at the moment. If it goes far, we will wait and see!

ST: Alright, that’s super! I hope that every person who reads this understands what you went through and the changes to your lifestyle. Everyone at the SouthBound Times wishes you the best and thank you to taking part in this interview.

LJ: No worries! I enjoyed doing this as I get a few things of my chest!

After the interview, Lady Jynnelle took continued with her photoshoots on the sunny beaches of Barbados. We will keep an update on Lady Jynnelle’s progress in the town and on the professional wrestling circuit!

Friendly Notes - 14.08.2012/28.06.2015

To read more on the cover artwork, click on the image 'Lady Jynnelle and the Beach Ball' for more information!

"Lady Jynnelle" character design, 'The Corporate Warriors' and the 'SouthBound Chronicles' series.
©2008-2011, 2012, 2015 Mr Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc.
Lady Jynnelle and the Beach Ball by BlackSandrock10
Lady Jynnelle and the Beach Ball

Looking at that shots, I guess she's in a playing mood! ;)

In a hidden shot which ended up being the cover shot for the 'SouthBound Times' for July/August in 2012, Lady Jynnelle is holding a beach ball with the sun shining on her and of course, 'dat ocean view' behind her!

I wonder who wants to play with 'ball' with Jynn....anyone!? :w00t:

To view the cover and read Jynn's interview in the SouthBound Times, click on the image underneath:

SouthBound Times July-August 2012 (Lady Jynnelle) by BlackSandrock10

To view the 'Jynn's full body pictorials' for the SouthBound Times, click on the images respectively:


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.1) by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.2) by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.3) by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.4) by BlackSandrock10


On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.5) by BlackSandrock10

That's all for Jynnelle and the beach but who says it stops there!? Stay tuned for more, watchers! :thumbsup:

Friendly Notes - 14.08.2012/28.06.2015

Back in August 2012, the artwork alone was meant to be for the 'SouthBound Times' cover as it the main article is based on Lady Jynnelle. This was changed as the artwork was created to show the full body considering that the original had a lot of line art involved. However, the beach ball just like the bikini and other parts were created through custom made shapes. The 'beach backdrop' was kept for continuity purposes.

Hope all the watchers and other deviants enjoy it! :)

"Lady Jynnelle" character design, 'The Corporate Warriors' and the 'SouthBound Chronicles' series.
©2008-2011, 2012, 2015 Mr Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc.
A Birthday Wish from Lady Jynnelle by BlackSandrock10
A Birthday Wish from Lady Jynnelle

Well, it might be late but at least, she made the effort! ;)

'The Corporate Lady' Lady Jynnelle returns back with her lovely dress (interesting, it's black!) and a birthday cake! :lol:

The reason for this is due to the fact that it's birthday of :iconcylnx:! I know that it was his birthday yesterday (sorry about that!) so me and 'The Corporate Lady' would like to send him 'belated birthday wishes' and hoped that he had a great day! :thumbsup:

To view other works of the 'lovely' Lady Jynnelle, click on the images respectively:

The Two Sides of Jynn (Full Body No.1)

The Two Sides of Jynn (Full Body No.1) by BlackSandrock10

Jynn Wears the Lockhart Wrestling Gear (Full Body)

Jynn Wears the Lockhart Wrestling Gear (Full Body) by BlackSandrock10

On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.2)

On The Beach with Lady Jynnelle (Full Body No.2) by BlackSandrock10

Jynn is the Star Gladiator (Full Body)

Jynn is the Star Gladiator (Full Body) by BlackSandrock10

Jynn Shows Her Strength!

Jynn Shows Her Strength! by BlackSandrock10

Friendly Notes - 01.05.2013/27.06.2015

Back in May 2013 and originally titled 'Lady Jynnelle's Birthday Wishes', the artwork was meant to be posted the night before but unfortunately, I did not get the chance to do so due to 'reasons beyond my control!' To be fair (and honest), I should have started a new one from scratch which was the plan originally but I used a altered version of one of 'Lady Jynn's Dress Sense' concepts which what I did to coincide those works. Originally, I did use the backdrop of Krista's New Laboratory as this would meant to coincide with the deviation, 'Krista and Jynnelle Looking Good' but that was changed to 'The Stage Spotlight' as that will be worked on in the months to come!

Hope all the watchers and other deviants enjoy it! :)

"Lady Jynnelle" character design, 'Corporation Xleven' and the "Project SouthBound" series.
©2008-2013, 2015 Mr. Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc.
Scarlet's Treated to Some Therapy! by BlackSandrock10
Scarlet's Treated to Some Therapy!

Trey, you lucky sod! :lol:

In this special concept, 'The B*tch with the Bulletwounds' has been treated to some therapy.....massage therapy, that is by her good friend, Trey after a week to slaughtering....whoops, busting bad guys! However, Scarlet has someone on her mind! I wonder who it could be!

Damn you for teasing, Scarlet! ;)

This is for the 'Muscle Therapy' theme for :iconfemalemuscle:

To view more of 'The B*tch with the Bulletwounds', click on the images respectively:

Scarlet's on the Warpath

Scarlet's on the Warpath by BlackSandrock10

Scarlet's Reading Your Rights

Scarlet's Reading Your Rights by BlackSandrock10

'Scarlet's in Serious Trouble'

Scarlet's in Serious Trouble by BlackSandrock10

Scarlet's Battle in the Cage!

Scarlet's Battle in the Cage! by BlackSandrock10

Scarlet's Powers Unleashed

Scarlet's Powers Unleashed by BlackSandrock10

Watch this space for more of Scarlet, watchers! :thumbsup:

Friendly Notes - 16.06.2015/24.06.2015

After finishing off Lady Jynnelle's artworks, I reading up on the latest monthly theme for the Female Muscle group. Considering that the theme was 'Muscle Therapy', the only people I had in mind was Scarlet and her 'good friend', Trey giving her the treatment. This took some time in finishing off with my work hours and being exhausted also. Most effects that I have been using currently and the custom made shapes were in use and was well worth the time!

Hope that all the watchers and other deviants enjoy it! :)

"Stacey 'The Scarlet Rose' Anderson" and "Trey 'Sandy' Clarke" character design and 'The Story of the Roses' series.
©2008-2015 Mr. Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc


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Normal service has resumed!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2015, 2:33 PM

Howdy, watchers! 

Just an update, got my laptop back so I can get back to doing some artwork once again as you can see with the 'Jynn reworks!' which uploaded earlier on! 

Take it easy, watchers!

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happy birthday, sir. have a nice day :cake:
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I coulda thought I've watched you already... Now I'll have to look deeper into your gallery
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Thanks for the kind words!!!
Thu Aug 18, 2011, 1:36 PM
thx for all the love :)
Thu Jul 7, 2011, 3:59 PM
Deadpool Rocks!
Sat Jun 4, 2011, 6:21 PM
"Bang, Bang, Bang" Deadpool - Marvel vs Capcom 3
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