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Elizabeth Shows Her Power! (1st Attire)

I think it's safe to say that this is what happens when Elizabeth is...unleashed! ;)

In this concept, this shows you the lovely Elizabeth (Liza to you and me!) when her 'full sorcery potential' is unlocked. Call it a story tip!

Storyline Hint: After 'Story Of The Landolts', Elizabeth only used her sorcery potential a few times! Don't blame her unless you really get on the wrong side of her! :lol:

To view Liza's 2nd attire (in all her physical glory), click on the image below:

Introducing The Cast No.14 - Elizabeth by BlackSandrock10

Watch for more of the beautiful Elizabeth, watchers! :thumbsup:

Friendly Notes - 16.05.2017/27.05.2017

Originally, this was supposed to be Elizabeth's main concept until I settled for her training gear concept. Of course, Elizabeth was in circulation until she was realized as of this week! This artwork is showing her sorcery abilities and throwing a hint to her part in 'Story of The Landolts' which is in the works at the moment.

Hope that all the watchers and other deviants enjoy it! :)

'Elizabeth ‘Liza’ Landolt' character design and the 'Tales from Labyrinth Falls' series - ©2008-2017 Mr. Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc.

Introducing The Cast No.15 - Lenore

In at No.15 of 'Introducing The Cast' from ‘Tales from Labyrinth Falls’, it’s the mystical and wonderful Lenore Burckhalter!

Lenore Burckhalter's background is a interesting one. Her father, Matthias was once a good friend to Sebastian Landolt but a ‘unfortunate family death’ would change everything! Once taken into the Landolt household after her father’s passing and her mother going missing, Lenore would be good friends with Elizabeth while Synnderella and Laura got on with their business! Everything was going well for Lenore until she found out that her mother, Eva was still alive! Little did she know that Eva had a reputation of manipulating people and betraying them in the process whilst using her power to mold her daughter to the dark side!

Under Eva’s control, Lenore would drag Elizabeth into the fold as this would be a game of cat and mouse! With Synn and Laura coming into the fold and saving their sister, Lenore would be defeated but Elizabeth warned them not to harm her as they saw Eva controlling her daughter. Elizabeth and her sisters saved Lenore with her mother vanishing from the scene. After apologizing for everything, Sebastian and the Landolts told her that it wasn’t her fault but she can only move on! Though, she was told that Eva was behind Matthias’ death! Heartbroken after hearing the news, Lenore decided to take a trip! Around the world she went until she stepped into Labyrinth Falls where she would confront DarkScythe under strange circumstances. Lenny turned red throughout until Liza stopped the battle as she knew that Lenny had ‘the hots’ for him! Eventually after being held hostage by Siobhan, Lenny was saved by DarkScythe which lead to a mixed-up romance! From that point, Lenore felt accepted in the town although she does have her to speak!

Storyline Fact: Lenore actually like playing chess although keeps getting beat by Hyde! Didn’t see that one coming!

Watch out for more of ‘Miss Burckhalter’, watchers! :thumbsup:

Friendly Notes – 18.05.2017/27.05.2017

The idea of Lenore was a last minute addition to ‘Tales From Labyrinth Falls’ when working on ‘Story of the Landolts’. At first, Lenore was supposed to the main villain but I added a twist to the story for what it’s worth! The actual design is loosely referenced to Jean Grey’s appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand (I know, that one!) so make Lenore more mystical and to go with her ‘loose personality’. You won’t be see the last of Lenny....Whoops, I meant Lenore!

Hope that all the watchers and other deviants enjoy it! :)

“Lenore Burckhalter” character design and the ‘Tales from Labyrinth Falls’ series - ©2008-2017 Mr. Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc.

Introducing The Cast No.14 - Elizabeth

There was a hint about a third sister butdammit, looks lovely like Syndi and Laura. ;)

Continuing with ‘Introducing The Cast’ from ‘Tales from Labyrinth Falls’ No.14, she might be a Landolt but like her sisters, lovely and’s Elizabeth Landolt!

Elizabeth Landolt is the sister of Synnderella and Laura. Born and raised in Basel and known as ‘Liza’ to friends and family, Elizabeth looked after her family’s dynasty while her sisters ‘went around the world’. Besides that, she loves her fitness training and actually became a personal trainer despite her large frame which oddly similar to Laura’s! However, things would change completely! Liza and Lenore Burckhalter went missing along with her father Sebastian Landolt. It turned out that Liza was under a spell which accidentally unleashed her true potential as a sorceress. Through a mental plead for help, Liza would be saved by Syndi (short for Synnderella) and Laura despite doing battle against her family whilst spellbound! Liza felt betrayed by Lenore’s treachery and then, finding out that their father, Sebastian was held in a comatose state which was the reason why Synn and Laura was back in her home country! However, the twist would come as Lenore was still under a spell as well thanks to her mother, Eva. With a fighting heart and determined to save Lenore, Liza was defeated thus saving their father and her best friend! 

With the family safe and sound, Liza was urged to see the world by her parents instead of being ‘struck here’. Following their wishes, Liza did a ‘world tour’ until she landed in Labyrinth Falls. After a brief confrontation with Brother-Man and knowing the reputation of the town, Liza made it her home where she’s known for being personal trainer and ‘hands-on sorceress’. Although, she have an eye on one person who turned out to be Rick Sealy, a local martial artist! With all the teasing and flirting, Liza would fall for Rick after have a one night stand! However, there would be a problem....Lenore was in the town and Eva was not far behind! Eva played mind games by hurting Rick! Liza wasn’t going to let lightning strike twice so she dealt her personally despite Eva putting an onslaught in front of her! Liza spared her but warned not to cross her path again thus hinting that she’s not forgiven to what happened back in Switzerland. With all that has happened and her budding romance with Rick, I think that there’s a lot more to come from Elizabeth so watch this space!

Storyline Hint: Elizabeth actually could have became a professional wrestler like Laura but opted not to go down that route after hearing the bad press of bodybuilders going in without training! Smart move but would have been interesting

Stay tuned for more of Elizabeth, watchers! :thumbsup:

Friendly Notes – 27.05.2017

The idea of ‘the third Landolt sister’ was in circulation for some time now considering the inspiration actually came from Castlevania (You can figure out which one if you’re that good and know the series very well!). The creation of Elizabeth was only created a week ago and actually realized this week despite this concept show her alternate costume. You will be seeing more of Elizabeth so stay tuned!

Hope that all the watchers and other deviants enjoy it! 

'Elizabeth ‘Liza’ Landolt' character design and the 'Tales from Labyrinth Falls' series - ©2008-2017 Mr. Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc.

Introducing The Cast No.13 - Ruby (Vers.2)

It's the Heston, that's dangerous!

Friendly Notes - 12.05.2012/05.01.2015/07.01.2015/06.05.2017/27.05.2017

Just one difference to the original as you see, Ruby is holding the Heston Blade which is the 'Heston Hatchet' without the handle! 

For more info, view the image above for more of the Friendly Notes!

Hope that all the watchers and other deviants enjoy it! :)

'Ruby Heston' character design and the 'Tales from Labyrinth Falls' series - ©2008-2017 Mr. Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc.

Introducing The Cast No.13 - Ruby (Vers.1)

I swear there’s a song called 'Ruby'! Oh, the irony and don’t remind her! ;)

In at No.13 of ‘Introducing the Cast’ from ‘Tales from Labyrinth Falls’, it’s the 'larger than life witch' known as Ruby!

Hailing from New Zealand, Ruby comes from a family which oddly enough has some 'witch heritage' involved! Despite being a 'bodybuilding enthusiast' (so she says), Ruby uses her appearance to scare most folks, including some of her fellow witches. She decided to explore the world until she landed up in the town of Labyrinth Falls. Within the first month of arriving, she sensed a presence which turned out to be a 'surge of fire' within the town. This would turn out to be was the 'new heroine' called Saffron! When confronting her for the first time which lead to a no contest, Ruby would come to Saffron's rescue after taking out Siobhan's henchmen! This lead to a mutual act of respect between Ruby and Saffron from that day! One thing is for sure with Ruby, you never know when she will appear or what she will do next!

Storyline Fact: Ruby is actually good friends with Lady Jynnelle and Synnderella! Well....they all do sorcery, you know!?

Watch this space with Ruby, watchers! :thumbsup:

Friendly Notes – 12.05.2012/05.01.2015/07.01.2015/06.05.2017/26.05.2017

Back in May 2012, Ruby was a character that was in the design stage. Although, I was unhappy of the original illustration at the time so three years later, this was realized as an actual concept as Ruby's appearance is now based of the UK FBB Rene Campbell. Unfortunately, the 2015 version was lost in a hard drive failure so I started from scratch and looked similar but better! At least, I managed to finish 'the damn thing' as I kept the original pose as she holds with her 'Heston Hatchet' and the 'Ruby Gauntlets' on each hand. That was a new addition that I created up from scratch and actually plays a part in the ‘Labyrinth Falls’ stories! It took some time in finishing due to the fact that I wanted to add in the special effects on the gauntlets!

Hope that all the watchers and other deviants enjoy it! :)

'Ruby Heston' character design and the 'Tales from Labyrinth Falls' series - ©2008-2017 Mr. Batch and UnitedSoft Studios, Inc.



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Howdy, watchers!

I hope everyone is okay on this fine day! Just to let people know that I've been around here and there and just to let people know that some new works will be uploaded later in the month! 

On a side note (and a personal one), I got up today to find out that someone commented on Violet's new artwork and that comment says (and you can see it for yourself), 'That's not how you draw Scaramouche'. Ironically, that's one of many deviants who post negatively on my work and one who I did battle before! After figuring out that was a dig and aiming that Violet's a 'clown character', I ain't having that...not on my watch! At the end of the day, your artwork defines yourself and your expression of characters (original and well known)! Unless someone tells me on how to draw (ha!), I'd like to hear it but as far as I concerned, I will do my artwork and characters the way I want to do it! Trolling comments come and go and unfortunately, it's part of everyday life! The best thing is to do is ignore it and carry on! It might get rile you up in the process but try to find something calm your nerves (That's my suggestion to you all)!

Listen, that's me and 'the rant' done so I hope that you all have a great month!

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